Commodore EDUCATOR 64 Model 4064

Model 4064, Serial Number T022224

RARE Commodore EDUCATOR 64, C64 in a PET case

Although introduced in late 1982, judging from the date code on this one's power supply, it appears to have been built in late 1983 at the earliest. While many 4064 models came with a modified kernel ROM which inhibited colors and sound, this one is "complete", with an adjustable internal audio amplifier and headphone jack on the front. I also hooked up an external color monitor to the standard C64 monitor jack and verified that the correct colors are generated. Additionally, the familiar "38911 BASIC BYTES FREE" message appears, as seen in the photo below. The alternate Kernel sets all sprite, border and background colors to black during IRQ's and has a different start-up message.










A brief history of the Commodore EDUCATOR 64 and EDUCATOR 64 Model 4064

Although the 4064 and similar machines weren't strong sellers, and the production volume was low, this really didn't matter to Commodore. Most of their units were based on C64's that had been returned to Commodore for one reason or another. Once the main boards were refurbished, if necessary, Commodore initially installed them into whatever case they had available, then shipped the result to schools at a bargain rate, hence the name "EDUCATOR 64". Since much public domain educational software was available for the Commodore 64, the educational market was an appropriate target.

According to one knowledgeable source, the Educator 64's PET design was at least partly the idea of the New York (State) Department of Education; school officials were concerned because the "breadbox" EDUCATOR C64 units could be so easily stolen. In answer, Commodore presented the old PET cases as an inexpensive solution. In fact, some of these units are even labeled "PET 64". While a clever thief could easily purloin an EDUCATOR 64 in a C64 housing by using a gym bag or large book bag, and could possibly even make off with one of the Apple II varieties, the PET case would deter all but the most determined would-be hacker or hawker. The unique genesis of these most unusual Commodore computers has generated many collectable low production volume variations.


This inside of this 4064 is immaculate. Note the reflection of the speaker frame on the base!

The plastic clip in the near left corner may have been used for retaining the wires from a reset switch. There is no evidence that one was ever installed in this unit. Maybe it was an option?

The pivot end of the prop rod can also be seen in the near left corner.