Family of Smith Dawson and Edna Trump Dawson
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Hey, there's Edna, under the flag! And it even looks like she's smiling in this picture.  Did Smith say something funny while he was taking the picture? And right behind her there's that man my dad says everyone called Uncle Sam.  And look, there's that other girl, too!  Just who the heck is she?  Doesn't anyone know?

What's the occasion? Likely taken during 1st decade of last century
Location unknown. Looks like there are many Civil War vererans in this picture, along with a young boy in knickers who doesn't seem to be all that happy. Check out that bugle. I wonder if this gentleman was a Company Bugller.

Known persons in this photograph :
Great-Great Grandmother Dawson, Great-Great Grandfather Smith Dawson, Edna (Trump) Dawson